Saturday, April 26, 2008

growing pains

Just as my clematis plants are almost 4 feet tall and ready to bloom, and my more tender, and established perennials are starting to poke out of the ground, I have to now tear out 1/3 of my garden so that the neighbors can stucco the brick wall that backs my garden, due to leaks. I cried when I realized just how many plants I am probably going to lose. Friends and family scoffed at me, laughing that I was getting so upset, and suggesting that the neighbor can simply replace them. However, I have gotten very attached to THESE particular plants, and like pets, they don't get replaced without mourning.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

one flew over the cuckoos nest

Just finished watching this movie, and hadn't seen it in quite awhile. Jacks performance is the best of his career, 'cept maybe for the Shining. It is a slow moving film and so utterly depressing. Perhaps more for me as it rings a little too close to home, as my maternal grandmother (Babci, rip) had been hospitilized many times for schitzophrenia. As kids, Sean and I had to visit her in the hospital on more than one occasion and it was always a terrifying experience.

But, even more terrifying was that when my parents were having "problems" (which was more often than not) they often left us with our grandparents for days. That was the real terror. The food was always expired or weird and the glasses and dishes were dirty. My brother and I were super skinny kids, and these 'vacations' didn't help us at all, as we never ate or drank while there, except from the garden hose or our hands.

My grandfather was a drunk, but stopped drinking after his 2nd open heart surgery when I was about 11.

I remember a fishing trip when I was around 7 years old which ended at the 8-acres tavern with me eating the semi-regular maraschino cherry lunch. I learned how to tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue at around 6-7 yrs old, The bad thing about this trip is that we started home and cars were blaring horns at us like crazy. My grandfather had entered an exit ramp onto a parkway and was going in the wrong direction down an open highway. To make it worse, when he found out that he was going the wrong way, he slammed on the brakes and his toy poodle "topo" fell out of his open window onto the highway, so he had to lumber out onto the highway to retrieve his dog.

Many times at drop off, I'd go into the house and I would hear topo barking and my Babci singing. I couldn't figure out where the dog was as it sounded 'echo-y'. My grandmother had once again, put the dog in the oven (off) because she couldn't take his barking anymore.

I may not be 100%, but it's surprising that I have one iota of sanity. J. Walls and A Burroughs only have a little leg up on me.

still got it....?

This morning, I stopped to get an egg sandwich. Parked car in front of a facility that is a work site for mentally retarded adults. As I step out, one of the men approaches me. "Hey lady? You sexy."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tonight: Brooke goes.
Last four: CArly, David C., David A., Syesha
LAst three: CArly, David C., David A
Last two: Carly, David C
Winner: David C.

Alternate Prediction:
Tonight: Brooke goes.
Last four: CArly, David C., David A., Syesha
LAst three: CArly, David C., David A
Last two: David A, David C
Winner: David C.

In summary: Tonight: Brooke goes, then dreads, then syesha, then (either carly or david a). Winner: David C.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

guess what I did today?

not even close.
I went to a broadway show!
But not just ANY broadway show......
I went to see WICKED!
This was of course, not by choice. In fact, it was a real act of strength and consideration for others that dragged my fat behind to times square, a place I will usually avoid more fervently than a root canal.
Moms birthday. Sean and I ask what she wants. "To spend time with her kids, maybe see a show?" Next thing I know it, she's here for 3 nights and I have to see WICKED. Wha-wha-wha?
Middle of 1st act, I look over, fucking brother is sound asleep.
To be honest, I didn't absolutely despise it. It was w-a-y too long and the lyrics to the songs were brain-damaging, but the voices of the two leads were great and the sets are always pretty impressive. It was like a combination of all the modern 'my fair lady' rip-offs, carrie, and all those songs on the radio that i don't know.
After show, dinner and drinks. Sean gets to cruise after 3 beers. I got 3 nights? ah well. happy birthday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol Prediction

I predict that ALL of them will go on to further the creation of crappy music. As far as who gets kicked off this week? ............................Kristy? All I know, is that I recognized like maybe 2 or 3 songs off the entire show.

Mariah Carey has surpassed Elvis Presley in #1 singles? Well, cut off my legs and call me shorty.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

regret, maybe?

I did something the other night that i am not proud of today. We live on a horrible commercial block, trucking, and bullshit all day long. I get really angry about the disregard that they have about those of us who live here. I get really pissed, really, really pissed.. I hate them, they think i'm laughable. but they are really wrong.

There was a huge truck parked in front of our house for two days (blocking sun from my plants, blocking sun from our windows, getting my irish up).

So, i decide that it would be really good retaliation to creep out in the night and cover all the truck seats with ketchup. Despite GIHYB discouraging from doing it, I did it anyway. 24 oz of heinz.(and i also have a john-heinz-related sex-story)-later (sorry all you tomatos that died for this act). I was quite pleased about my stunt, until today, whereby they all stomped around in the ketchup that they had thrown onto my sidewalk and then poured turpentine (or something toxic)into my planters kiling many of my daffodils and tulips.

I'm feeling a little defeated. They are bigger and stronger than me. I call 311 on them all the time, but rumor is that they are mobbed. I need help in my fight. Ideas?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

drunk mom

Drew a night off of kid free card tonight. Which only works if you also draw the next am off of kid card too, BINGO! So, I go out with friends tonight and have great time. No real antics, just chatty fun, i love you J & S and SL. But now, here I am. Slightly, kinda, pretty drunk. Time to break out the vinyl with Will, play records all night and have a blast..............past life.

Now.....poppa has to swim with noodle at 9. So no fun, for drinky-momma tonight. Really torn about records all over the floor alone....not as fun.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

lord of the flies

I know this is posting is of one of the most sensationalized news stories right now, but jeezus, have we become we THIS fucked up? Cause, if so, maybe it might be time to stock the medicine cabinets with cyanide.

I HATED my 3rd grade teacher, Ms Powell. (see previous post, will be a future one as well) but I only once, boldly told her to "buzz off" (and I was trembling and squirting as I did it). It never once crossed my mind to kill her. Even in high school when I continued to regularly egg her house whilst drinking night train, I never once thought about murdering her.

An aside, these kids were special ed kids in georgia. Luckily, my kids lack sorely in organizational skills.

Shaking head.