Friday, December 28, 2007

ass or face?

I have occasionally heard this question bandied about, usually by very ugly fat and hairy guys in their late 20's or 30's. What it boils down to is that supposedly once a chick hits 40, she has to make a choice. ass or face. work on body, or work on looking younger. of course, i always thought this to be hogwash, created by undersexed, paunchy geek types. not that it was even relevant to me, neither being super-beautiful/hot nor ugly/fat. but, maybe they are right. the problem here...i still haven't made a choice. so ass and face be damned. i've been cursed by peeps i stills wouldn't fuck....

missing a part

i miss the feeling of just lying down in the middle of the grass, or the woods. with my head on a dirty log and just chewing on whatever i picked up from the ground next to me, or examining it so carefully that i knew it so intimately. staring into the sky. freezing cold, boiling hot. just feeling-but too young too realize it would ever not be this way-in touch with the dirt, the earth..the i don't know. the feeling that i did not have to be anywhere, at any time. in control of all that i didn't have to do.


shortly after my brother was born, and after the apartment i described in last post, my parents bought a house. this is the house that i grew up in. It was a small two-family in a lower middle class sub-development. the house, sucked. but it was on a corner lot and the neighborhood layout was great. we ran around all day and all night throughout the woods, aside a huge river and through a massive expanse of cemetery. it felt as if we had miles and miles of playground-- because we did. we ran around like the lord of the flies and no one, and i mean no one paid us any attention. it was perfect fodder for the proverbial child abductor. children everywhere, wild, lawless, available and unsupervised. the setting was so removed from parental contact that it seemed like a movie set, where the kids find a body and......