Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one more ticket to hell

Got off work early today and snuck off to go plant shopping at home depot (tiny smidge of shame in admittance). Aisles were narrow and made difficult to traverse because of hoses etc. So, as a new yorker, i park mine and walk the rows. A couple with an empty cart comes quickly and sloppily down the row, bumps me, so that i almost fall and actually runs over my foot. No apology. My foot hurts (a little) but I am more pissed. I say loudly, "EXCUSE ME!" no response. So i then say, "fucking assholes". Still cannot believe that they did not respond. I get over it.

Go up to checkout line. They are 3 ahead of me. I am watching them, and slowly begin to realize that they are 'slow' adults. I look outside and see that they have work coaches waiting for them who are helping them to live productive healthy lives.

I swallow yet another deep gulp of self-shame.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


During my 5 minutes of sleep on the plane, I dreamt that i was the director of the big upcoming blockbuster of Dante's Inferno. I had some really cool ideas for it, so if you got the $, let's do this.