Friday, January 23, 2009


I love it when my friends talk about job stress.

AM: Yesterday am, i rolled into work late, around 8:15. I opened my door sat down, opened email. All of a sudden out of the complete blue, a huge fax machine is being thrown at me. I duck, but as the electrical socket was ripping out of the wall, complete with sparks flying, the fax machine fell short of hitting me, but shattered into pieces. I immediately think about the fact that we have no money to replace this machine.

This was all because one of my gangsta girls needed a bandaid and the school nurse was not yet in.

PM: At dismissal, a huge fight breaks out between all of the gang kids, the big guys manage to pull away the main characters. I happen to grab a smaller member. I am trained in restraint, but this kid who is half my size is killing me, kicking me in the groin, punching me in face, you name it. I finally get him calm, he gets on his bus. I realize on my way home, that I can barely move from how sore I am.


andtheend. said...

so, what you really mean is you HATE when people talk their job stress.

MikeQué said...

That's what you get for getting to work late. Just another day at work. ;)